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Fileteado Porteño: ornamental art
About the course
This course serves as an introduction to Fileteado Porteño and consists of 8 modules.

It is suitable to anyone interested in arts with or without previous experience.
We will cover the history of Fileteado and see how it is applied in the modern days.
We will look into different materials that will be used during the course, as well as learn about a special Fileteado brush, how to handle it practice some strokes.
Then we will move to drawing and painting all its classical elements: "bolitas", flowers, flags, ribbons and acanthus leaves. Also, we will speak about compositions and some rules that are applied in Fileteado.
After that we will paint a complete sign with acrylics using all the elements we have learned before, we will go through structural step by step approach to gain first-hand experience of the complete technique of Fileteado.
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What is Fileteado
Fileteado is a traditional art from Argentina that was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2015. It began as a simple decoration on the trade carts in the early 20th century. In the 1920s and 1930s as it expanded to the decoration of buses and trucks its imagery grew more complex with the use of visual symbols and the incorporation of short text, including popular and humorous sayings. Today it can be found all over Buenos Aires, in shop windows, murals, signs and now it became an iconographic image that represents the city.
Who is this course for
Beginners interested in arts and eager to learn more about Fileteado.
Experienced painters and signwriters who wants to expand their knowledge and add a new technique to their repertoire.
Ilustrators, designers, calligraphers, tattoo artists and creatives in general who are looking for new styles to be added to their work.
Any enthusiast willing to discover more about Argentina and its culture.
Course structure
Introduction to Fileteado
Materials and Tools. Paints and Brushes
Getting ready: preparation process
Fileteado brushes. Practicing strokes
Traditional Fileteado elements – part 1/2
Composition: placing elements together
Painting final Fileteado work
Tips and recommendations
About your teacher
Gustavo Ferrari is a signpainter, visual artist and a historian based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been working since 2001 and specializing in Fileteado, a traditional popular art style from Buenos Aires.

His artworks can be found all over the city, painted signboards, shop windows of the traditional restaurants, Remarkable Bars, barber and tattoo shops.
In the last decade he has started showcasing the Fileteado style around the world.

He has since done this at Letterheads meets, tango festivals and various design events in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Gustavo’s works
Students reviews
Christian Rodriguez
Entrepreneur, Argentina
Gustavo's classes are very enriching, not only the technique is learned but also something very important that is the composition of the work. He is always looking out for two things, improving our weaknesses and exploring our abilities.
Diogo Ramoreira
Digital designer, Brazil
Gustavo transmits everything he knows with great patience. The content of each of his workshops is like opening an encyclopedia. He dazzles you with technical and historical data that only someone who has been working on it for many years knows and who is passionate about his job.
Griselda Calafell
University teacher, Argentina
I did a Fileteado Porteño course for beginners and I really recommend it. It was a very nice experience, each class was enjoyable and dynamic. I wanted to do something regarding painting and art, and this course exceeded all my expectations!
Xime Makaroff
Engineer, Argentina
I really like classes with Gustavo, he always gives you innovative ideas for what to paint. He knows how to transmit his knowledge and experience in a way that you actually can apply it. In addition, he is constantly giving and sharing with you examples of his own works and paintings.
Yesica Martinez
Nurse, Argentina
Classes with Gustavo are very enjoyable, I have improved my technique due to his didactic, simple and at the same time practical way of teaching. Gustavo' way of teaching is consistent with his excellent quality as a person and his generosity in sharing his knowledge.
Rocío Bermúdez
Researcher, Mexico
I took a Fileteado course with Gustavo with every lesson I feel that I am learning a lot and I am amazed at the results of the works I did after the course. Gustavo answers questions, guides and, above all, motivates to make new and more challenging compositions.
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The teacher comments on completed assignments, points out errors, approves or asks to redo the work.
At the end of every lesson there is a practical home work that will help you to master the material.
You are not limited in correcting your work. You can refine the tasks as many times as necessary until the teacher considers the task completed.
You can communicate with the teacher personally in the comments regarding every lesson.
You have more practice, more feedback, more time. You are able to study at the pace that suits you!
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