Free lesson:
Painting Bell flower
In this lesson we will paint together one of the most beautiful flowers of Fileteado Porteño, Bell flower or as we say in Spanish – “La Campanita”. This flower can be of many shapes and forms, it helps is to fill the spaces in the corners, between the curly ornaments of Fileteado, but it also can play a main role in the composition. Today we will learn how to paint symmetrical and asymmetrical Bell flower using acrylics.

Materials that you will need for this lesson:
  • Acrylic paints, colours: white titanium, black, ivory white, lilac or purple, blue)
  • Acrylic varnish (glossy or semi-mate)
  • MDF board, size 30x20cm, painted with acrlycs, colour oxido
  • Fileteado brushes (round tip, number 4 and 8, Carnevale brand)
  • Synthetic liner brush
  • Water and palette